A creative agency for those who dare

We Move Mountains for Brands with a Mission


An identity for each. A community for all.

We believe that great brands inspire tribes: people who gather around a common identity, determined to impact lives and change the world. Sherwood Fellows helps brands create the tools, stories, and community that will make their mission a success.

Having been through many project, event, and company rebrands, with a wide variety of agencies, I can honestly say that the most productive, most fulfilling, and most pleasant experience was working with the team at Sherwood Fellows.
— Anthony Kaiser, Director of Faith Formation at the Diocese of Wichita

Our Process

Identity drives each of our projects. That’s where we start.

If a website, video, or event is disconnected from your values and purpose, it won’t resonate. We dig into your brand identity with every project so we can express the heart of your organization, tell stories that drive action, and make you more effective.



What’s your mountain?

You don’t create widgets — you move mountains. You’re not afraid of scrapping the rule book. Neither are we. We can help you upend the status quo and make your vision a reality.

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