A creative agency for those who dare

Rise Together

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We build tribes.

Sherwood Fellows is a creative agency that Builds Tribes by activating Your shared purpose.

We’ve helped partners like you create impact by turning disunified or fledgling groups into tight-knit tribes rallied around burning convictions. We would love to do the same for you.

Sherwood Fellows began in 2015 when twin brothers Marcellino and Anthony D’Ambrosio, veteran coordinators for young adult programs and events, decided to transfer their penchants for storytelling and reviving shared purpose into the marketing world.

Sherwood Fellows is a collective of designers, strategists, project managers, writers, artists, and videographers who are passionate about helping organizations grow through the power of storytelling and community formation.


WE rise together

We don’t have all the answers, but we’re here to help you find them.

We approach every project as a partnership, working with you to define your particular challenge and uncover the best solution. Each project yields dialogue, learning, and growth. We designed our process to necessitate open communication, ensuring we’re empowering your team and giving you the solution you really need, not the one that costs the most. We believe that when we invest in relationship and mutual growth, we all benefit.


Core Values

These beliefs guide the Sherwood Fellows tribe: our decisions, our methods, and our work.


We are stronger together

Together we are stronger. We believe that when we combine our collective strengths, we are invincible. We share both our friends and our enemies. No obstacle is too big when we work together. When you get one of us, you get all of us, and we invite you to add your strengths to our collective resolve. Our bond is close and our doors are open. We are a tribe for those who seek the truth and we invite you to join in on that discovery.

We are vulnerable

Freedom only happens when we are vulnerable with one another. Vulnerability is being able to speak and listen to the truth—no matter how much it may hurt. We are not afraid to call out insincerity, inauthenticity, or posturing. With vulnerability comes deeper understanding, and it is this empathy that allows for us to cut through the BS and get straight to what really matters. If vulnerability were an ocean we would be its deep sea divers. We aren’t afraid to feel, and neither should you be.

We build from the bottom

We believe that starting at the bottom is the only way to ensure true, lasting change. This is where hearts change, not just minds. We want to raise up the rebels so they don’t simply voice ideas, but can shift entire cultures. We believe change does not occur from mandates and decrees; it comes from the ground-swell of true conversion. We work with the underdog, the under-served, the small, the least—because they are the foundation of every culture and the bedrock of every organization. We rise together.


We’d love to partner with you.