Apprentice Designer


Sherwood Fellows Why:

“We call those who dare into tribes so that they can know their identity and experience belonging.”

What We Do

Conferring shared identity to a community transforms a community into a tribe. We help our clients revolutionize their organization by leading them through a process to uncover their most deeply held convictions and by helping them build a culture through visually articulated values, traditions, rituals and symbols. This process results in each customer, staff member, and partner of our client’s organization feeling incredible, indescribable belonging and purpose.

Why Design?

Design is a vital part of the tribe building process. Designers translate ideas into symbolic and emotionally-gripping brand identities, and then execute on those identities. Sherwood graphic designers are the doorkeepers of all our ideas and strategies, ushering the abstract beliefs of our clients into powerful symbolic language.

We believe that design is not about making products cool — it’s about aligning all the experiences that our client’s customers and staff have with their organization.


Are you someone who critiques the design of every billboard or advertisement you pass by? Are you obsessed with type? Do poor font combinations move you to anger or tears?

If so, you might be the droid — *ahem* — designer we are looking for.

We are looking for a young freelance graphic designers to apprentice in our specific design process. We would like to assist this apprentice as she or he grows into an expert in brand illustration and identity creation, starting with the core design principles: typesetting, layout design, ideation, mood board creation, etc.

This is a paid, part-time, entry level position.

What you Will Do:

  • Design innovate creative briefs for our branded content client pitches

  • Create visual social media posts

  • Craft email and web design

Our Culture:

We love freelance life, and want to help every member of the Sherwood Tribe achieve the life of their dreams. We are a remote culture; we value freedom over perceived stability and belonging over material comfort. If you work with us you may:

  1. Step through a wormhole and never see life the same way again.

  2. Find it difficult to take a job anywhere else.

  3. Totally hate it.


  1. Self-Motivated — Our work matters, so we hold ourselves accountable to deadlines.

  2. Emotional IQ — Good design requires empathy.

  3. Entrepreneurial Thinking — You believe there is a creative way around the obstacles you face.

  4. Humility — The work isn’t about you.

  5. Has read The Elements of Typographic Style - Robert Bringhurst

  6. We have lots of Christian and Catholic religious organizations as clients. We welcome people of any faith background, but you must feel comfortable speaking and understand the languages of these clients, and must be able to be motivated by their missions.

If this sounds like you, please email us with a sample of your work and a few sentences about why you’d like to join us.