Apprentice Project Manager

Get S#*T done


Sherwood Fellows Why:

“We call those who dare into tribes so that they can know their identity and experience belonging.”

What We Do

We help our clients revolutionize their organization by leading them through a process to uncover their most deeply held convictions and by helping them build a culture through visually articulated values, traditions, rituals and symbols. This process results in each customer, staff member, and partner of our client’s organization feeling an indescribable sense of loyalty, belonging, and purpose.

Why Project Managers?

The creation of shared identity takes a team of diverse creative skill sets — design, filmmaking, copywriting, visioning. But without the Project Managers of the world, we would have nothing to show for the talent. Our beloved Project Managers are the people who can see the vision for how our projects can create unstoppable movements, and they cannot stand to see that vision fail on account of poor execution.


Are you the sort of person who cannot stand it when a filing system is inefficient? Are you the friend in your friend group that makes the group text and plans get togethers? Do you love the details and hate idea conversations that don’t get executed? Do you love budgets and post it notes and to do lists?

If so, this job will make you come alive.

This is a paid, part-time, entry level position.

What you Will Do:

  • Act as a communication lead by scheduling and preparing meeting agendas, preparing internal and external agendas.

  • Own each project’s calendar and Gantt chart project

  • Develop and manage project timelines and budgets where appropriate

  • Make sure all files and project resources are saved correctly and organized

  • Ensure teams adheres to project scope and deliverables

  • Build strong relationships throughout organization

Our Culture:

We love freelance life, and want to help every member of the Sherwood Tribe achieve the life of their dreams. We are a remote culture; we value freedom over perceived stability and belonging over material comfort. If you work with us you may:

  1. Step through a wormhole and never see life the same way again.

  2. Find it difficult to take a job anywhere else.

  3. Totally hate it.


  1. Self-Motivated — Our work matters, so we hold ourselves accountable to deadlines.

  2. Emotional IQ — Managing people requires empathy. To do lists aren’t enough if you don’t know how to help individuals execute together.

  3. Entrepreneurial Thinking — You believe there is a creative way around the obstacles you face.

  4. Humility — The work isn’t about you.

  5. Almost OCD — You have a compulsion to improve efficiency in systems.

  6. We have lots of Christian and Catholic religious organizations as clients. We welcome people of any faith background, but you must feel comfortable speaking and understand the languages of these clients, and must be able to be motivated by their missions.

If this sounds like you, please email us with a sample of your work and a few sentences about why you’d like to join us.