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“Profitable business is losing its place as a force for good. We’re going to help claim it back”

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Cede—Catholic Entrepreneurship & Design Experience

Luke Burgis, the Entrepreneur in Residence at the Catholic University of America’s Busch School of Business came to us with a big, mountain moving idea. To leverage Catholic education, business entrepreneurship training, and experience design, to create a life changing course that helps high school students completely re-design their future. Luke wanted to create a flexible course “that gives youth real knowledge and experience of entrepreneurship that can help them design lives of creativity rather than consumption and use business for the betterment of mankind.”

With our expertise in experience design and community building, Sherwood was uniquely positioned to help Luke and his team make something truly new. We invited their team down to Dallas for a Sherwood Sprint, and came out of that 3 day process with the values that would guide the course, audience profiles, and the core modules of the curriculum sketched out. Over the next 6 months, our teams worked together to produce a curriculum that utilizes technology, experiences, case studies, meditation, and a groundbreaking final project to transform students, not by communicating information, but by instilling a new sense of wonder and hope in them at the deepest level. That project was dubbed “CEDE” or the “Catholic Entrepreneurship & Design Experience.”

We believe that much like life itself, entrepreneurship is an invitation to purpose. Each person is called to an opportunity to create value for themselves through the service of others, in accord with their vocation. That’s why together we crafted this program to teach an entrepreneurial mindset and spirit: how to think like an owner and take responsibility for creating value in any circumstances or state in life. The program that surfaced is creatively flexible. The core curriculum is designed to adapt to almost any setting in the Catholic school system. Whether deployed in a high school semester, after school club, or in a weekly youth group, the framework of Vocational Culture maintains the integrity of the content in any setting.

Through the process, we also created a brand that would wow both high school students, and local entrepreneurs—who’s involvement will be critical—alike.

We need principled entrepreneurs to build a better world through business. The CEDE Program is designed to create a culture of vocation so that students discover their calling and create a better world through principled entrepreneurship.


The Sprint


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