Transform your Communications

Your crash course in designing your tribe identity and creating a place for lonely hearts to belong through clarifying your message and your strategy.


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What’s included

1 . Your Brand

Conferring shared identity to a community transforms a community into a tribe. We help our clients revolutionize their organization by leading them through a process to uncover their most deeply held convictions and by helping them build a culture through visually articulated values, traditions, rituals and symbols. This process results in each customer, staff member, and partner of our client’s organization feeling incredible, indescribable belonging and purpose.

We’ll kick the week off with our toolkit for transforming your brand into an identity.

2 . Your Strategy

Currently, most parish or diocesan-based ministries use some unholy combination of Excel, email, Dropbox, and their parish/diocesan communications tool.

We’re going to give you internal structural tools that will massively cut down on email time and make your communication faster, easier, and more effective.

3. Your Culture

Successful organizations are successful not because of their strategies, but because of the creative environment and empowering relationships that welcome new ideas and give people the freedom to innovate. This will

4. All about money

How you are wasting money and how to stop
How investing now in communications can pay off in bigger budgets and financial support
How to move away from a scarcity mindset to a mindset of abundance

5. Design templates and resources

Our best and most frequented free assets for design, communication, stock photography, and more.

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