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Guides to better branding and communication

We put these guides together to help people in business jumpstart their branding and communication with free online tools. Download them below, no email required. We hope they help!

Ministry Brand Guide.jpg

Ministry Branding Guide

Transform Your Business’s Branding & Messaging

When businesses get excited about new media, they tend to prioritize promo videos, websites, or logos--in that order. But without a strategic vision, all these helpful points of communication will end up working against each other.

You need to clarify your message before communicating it. This guide will help you get started.

Ministry Toolkit.jpg

Ministry Communication Toolkit

Be More Effective So You Can Focus On What Matters Most: Your Mission

Many organizations today use some functionally-offensive combination of Excel, email, Dropbox, and in-house communications tools.

We’re going to provide you with structural tools for internal use, which will not only cut down on time spent emailing, but will also speed up, simplify, and strengthen your communication.