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Why Identity?


IDentity and BElonging Drive Everyone.

You will move people to action when you tap into their identity by uncovering yours.

We help you clarify and express the things that make you, you. The how, the what, and the why of branding, websites, events, and videos all come from your identity. We have a proven process that uncovers it.



Define Your Why

We believe every organization is uniquely called to serve and inspire the world. But if you want yours to fulfill its mission, you’ll need to understand both your identity and your purpose. After you clarify these essentials for yourself, you can communicate them to others and finally assemble your community around a worthy cause.



The Call to Arms

The members of your community are desperate to belong to a tribe that provides shared identity and a deep sense of purpose. But if you want them to find these things in your cause, you’ll have to share a clear vision that people want to help you grow.  

What beliefs, values, and promises will you organize your movement around? What stories will you tell your community to help guide into their purpose? What kinds of traditions and rituals will you incorporate into your culture to give your people a sense of identity and belonging?



Reforge Your Weapon

Sometimes even the finest weapons can crack or break apart; and the same can be true of our business communities as well. But once you’ve connected to your “why” and clearly defined your vision, you’ll be ready to put the pieces back together. If you merge your reawakened team with a tailor-made strategy and hand-picked tools, you’ll be ready to reforge your working community into a movement on mission.


 Let us find your identity.

Identities We’ve Uncovered