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Why Identity?


IDentity and BElonging Drive Everyone.

You will move people to action when you tap into their identity by uncovering yours.

We help you clarify and express the things that make you, you. The how, the what, and the why of branding, websites, events, and videos all come from your identity. We have a proven process that uncovers it.



Define Your Why

We believe that every organization has a specific call, a spiritual anointing given by God. In order to be truly effective, you need to clearly know who you are and what your purpose is. When we dig deep and gain this clarity, we can communicate it to others, then rally your community around that calling.



The Call to Arms

The members of your community desperately want to belong to a tribe that gives them a shared identity and a deep sense of purpose. For them to find that in the call God has given you, we need to decide how to rally them around your banner.

What beliefs, values, and promises will your movement commit to? What are the stories you will tell your community to help them understand their identity? What traditions and rituals will your culture incorporate to give your people a sense of belonging? We help you answer all of this—then we begin to make your answers a reality.



Choose Your Weapon

You know your mission. You have your battle plan. Now, you need the right weapon. For David, it wasn’t the conventional arsenal of his time—the sword or the spear. It was the sling, a shepherd boy’s weapon that could get the job done. Together, we’ll hunt for that same perfect fit. Every community has its own talents and limitations, so these will dictate the communications tools you need. We will help identify what your tools are and how to use them as you turn a loose collection of individuals into a tribe that’s sold out on your mission.


 Let us find your identity.